I’m an American

I’m an American, and I love my country.
I’m an American, who fears for our way of life.
I’m an American, that sees a Fascist dictatorship budding.
I’m an American, and this sickens me.

I’m an American, born and bred.
I’m an American, who supports the 2nd Amendment.
I’m an American, one who cherishes the 1st even more.
I’m an American, I believe in the Constitution.

I’m an American, that sees a nation, divided.
I’m an American, surrounded by unnecessary hate.
I’m an American, who cannot understand those who support Trump
I’m an American, and I miss when the Republicans had integrity.

I’m an American, who is proudly Anti-Fascist.
I’m an American, who will absolutely punch a Nazi.
I’m an American, and our country once fought against Fascism.
I’m an American, who will not see it destroy our Republic!

I’m an American, who is wishing for the best.
I’m an American, who is also expecting the worst.
I’m an American, and I vote.
I’m an American, and I will fight.

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