Jumping back on the Bandwagon

So “No Man’s Sky” has a new update, one that apparently delivers – finally! – the product that Hello Games promised us at launch two years ago. Great, if this is indeed the case, then I’m all for it!

You see, I was really excited about NMS when it was being hyped pre-launch, because I love procedurally-created worlds, and I’m a huge Sci-Fi fan, so this sounded like a game I would love. Unfortunately, we all know what Hello Games delivered at launch was no where near what they promised, and as such, I didn’t buy NMS until I got it on sale at last December’s “Year End” sale on Steam, well over a year after it came out. I figured if I waited a while, and the game had several updates, it might turn out to be worth playing.

Well, it wasn’t.

No, that’s not really fair. There were plenty of people who enjoyed what NMS became… Hell, there were people who liked it from launch, for that matter. But when I played it last December, I just found it to be incredibly grindy and flat-out boring. Yes, that may have been kind of the point of the game, but it wasn’t what I was looking for, so I set the game aside, much like “Star Citizen”, as “Yet another Sc-Fi game that didn’t live up to the hype”.

Of course, that was then. Now we have the “Next” update, which reportedly revamps virtually everything about the game, and actually provides the experience we were promised back in the summer of 2016. From what I’m seeing, people are enjoying the game more, the player numbers on Steam have gone back up by a large degree, and I see this all as indications that I should give the game a try once more.

Then again, it’s very early in the morning where I am, which is prime streaming time for me, and there are literally hundreds of people streaming NMS on Twitch right now. Normally, I try to avoid streaming games that have more than 30 others streaming it as well, so as to not get lost in the shuffle, so to speak. But my Saturday morning session (9am Pacific, 4pm UTC) is pretty much a “lost stream” anyway, since I get almost no viewers then, so that seems like a good time to try streaming some “No Man’s Sky”!

I plan on starting completely from scratch, to get the full experience, and we’ll see how it goes.

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