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So I’ve been streaming on Twitch for about two months now. With the help of some very kind folks, I’ve earned Affiliate status, and am continuing to build the channel as best I can. Towards that end, I’ve been considering my streaming future, specifically what sort of content I want to feature.

Thus far, I’ve shown mostly “Lord of the Rings Online” content, with a smattering of “World of Warcraft”, “Rift”, and “the Secret World”. Well, I think this needs to change.

While I fully intend to continue featuring LOTRO on my stream, I believe I will be cutting that back a bit, perhaps to only three sessions per weekend – down from at least five previously. Considering that I do on average seven streams a weekend, this leaves lots of room for playing other games. I would like to do some WoW, as I’m greatly enjoying leveling my Worgen Resto Druid that I made last weekend. But there’s something else I’d like to play:

I’d like to do some Retro Gaming.

You see, I currently have two laptops that are powerful enough for streaming. My old Asus was having some issues with restarting properly, which is why I replaced it with a new custom Origin PC laptop. And why the Origin has been a bit… troublesome… I anticipate those issues being resolved one way or the other quite soon. Either it will get repaired and work just fine thereafter, or I’ll return it and buy a different laptop… but that’s a discussion for another time. Regardless, one way or the other I’ll have two laptops that can stream.

Once I have a new laptop that actually functions (no, I’m not bitter), I plan on installing Ubuntu Linux on my old Asus laptop, then putting RetroPie x86 and OBS on it. You see, OBS doesn’t play nice with Retroarch on Windows, with significantly limits the number of retro consoles one can stream on Windows (via Launchbox or Emulationstation). But OBS on Ubuntu does just fine with Retroarch and RetroPie x86, so I should be able to stream retro games on that platform just fine. Sure, my nifty webcam won’t be able to remove my background under Ubuntu, because that particular software only works for Windows if I recall correctly. But that’s fine, since there’s no reason to display my webcam view on a Retro game, is there? I might still do it, if only for vanity (who doesn’t love my shiny, bald pate?), but we’ll see about that.

Regardless, having two laptops available for streaming, and – by then – room in my office to set up my cam and mic rigs permanently, means I’ll have the capacity to have a much greater depth in content, and I love that. While I will still feature MMORPGs primarily, being able to knock out a couple of hours on “Burnout 3” for the PS2, or a marathon session of the original “Final Fantasy”, et al, would be fairly awesome!

But first, have to get my new laptop working or replaced. Baby steps.

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