Loot Mechanics Podcast

Something Vaguely Halloweeny – Loot Mechanics #243

Talking about this year’s crop of MMORPG Halloween events, and our favorite horror-themed board and card games! Intro (0:50) – Our week, in brief. Main Topic (2:47) – Let’s talk this year’s Halloween events in our favorite MMORPGs Other Bullshit (28:10) – Spooky Haunted Board Games! Wrap (44:10) – Final thoughts. Music from https://filmmusic.io “Pixelland” […]


Gather ’round the Bonefire

Let’s face it: While there are plenty of great Horror-themed tabletop roleplaying games out there (I can name a dozen, at least), most people are playing “Dungeons & Dragons” or “Pathfinder”. Which is to say, classic High Fantasy roleplaying. There is nothing wrong with that, either. But whenever the Spooky Season comes around, and Game-Masters […]



So, it’s October again, which means it is once again my favorite time of the year! The roughly six weeks encompassing October to mid-November is not only the heart of my favorite season, Autumn, it also includes three of my favorite days of the year: My birthday Halloween My Lovely Bride’s birthday Pretty sure those […]