Livestream Masochist

Have I ever mentioned here that I’m a masochist? Yes? No? Maybe? I really couldn’t say. But, yeah… I like to hurt, or so it would appear.

You see, I used to create a lot of video content for Youtube, and later on Twitch, which then the replays of that got uploaded to Youtube. I did all that for years, until the Adpocalypse saw Youtube strip away my monetization rights, and then I had heart issues, which drove me off of Twitch.

I simply couldn’t do it anymore… and I still shouldn’t, for my health, which is not in the greatest shape.

But I miss it. Especially Twitch, which was loads of fun, but completely exhausting to do. I was working my full-time job five days a week, and streaming every weekend, Saturday night through Monday morning. I was putting in 40 hours a week on my regular job, and over 20 hours a week streaming… and it was literally killing me.

But I want to go back to it. Even though it hurts, even though I really shouldn’t do it, I want to create those videos again. I would prefer to livestream, then send up the replays on Youtube, as that allowed me to have interaction with the audience on Twitch, but that’s just too much work.

Literally, my heart just can’t take the strain.

Also, there’s that little problem that I’d have to buy a boatload of new equipment, as the gear I used to stream on is woefully aged now. Also, since I’m primarily playing games on my Xbox Series X now, that would mean buying a headset to connect with the Xbox, and setting up streaming through it, which isn’t the best option. It would be better to get an Elgato (or similar device), to feed my Xbox through to a computer, where I could then add in graphics and other coolness to the feed, before sending it up to Twitch or Youtube or wherever.

This would be a pain. But apparently I like pain, so…

Then again, there’s My Lovely Bride™ to consider here. Where she fully supported my streaming and video content creation before, I suspect she might take issue with it, were I to try restarting that hobby again. She might not want me putting my health and our financial situation under strain, just to scratch this particular itch.

But this itch is really annoying me, and I feel that I’m going to have to scratch it, one way or another.

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