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Meet Angela, your NPC of the Week!

Angela is a rather “plain Jane” sort of woman. Average height, long brown hair, perhaps a bit overweight (but she carries it well). Not unattractive, but nowhere near a beauty queen, either.

She works for the local government, as a clerk. That could me anything from working for the Mayor to the front desk in a municipal office (water, sewer systems, etc.)… wherever the GameMaster might need her.

What can she offer the Player Characters? Some information, although that will be limited to the department in which she works. What Angela really offers is access, as she hold the keys to the kingdom, in a sense. Municipal Clerks can get you anywhere you need to go, from a meeting with the Mayor, to access into private files or offices after hours.

Clerks hold the real power in government.

But what is it that Angela wants in return? Well, that’s the rub. As a career municipal employee, she knows the value of her assistance, as well as what could happen if she is caught helping the PCs to commit a crime. So any aid she provides will always come at a high price, and always with a catch. Perhaps she wants them to find her son and force him to leave the gang he has joined? Maybe she wants certain records concerning her husband to disappear, so they can’t be used against him at his upcoming trial? Or she simply wants the offices where the tax records are kept burned to the ground?

In any case, her aid is potentially invaluable to the PCs, and she knows it. Prepare to make them work for whatever they need her to do for them.

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