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Meet Abigail, your NPC of the Week!

Abigail isn’t what she seems. She is small, very quiet, and rather creepy. Dressed in an elegant Victorian dress, with porcelain skin and piercing blue eyes, Abigail is actually very striking and beautiful.

She is also a doll… but not really. The doll is called Abigail, the ethereal being possessing it doesn’t have a name, or if it did, it has been forgotten to antiquity.

Here’s the thing, though. A haunted doll would normally be considered to be some form of enemy to the party, maybe even a final boss during an adventure, but Abigail is different. As long as the party doesn’t attack or abuse her, she will be content to simply observe.

Sure, her piercing eyes are extremely creepy, but Abigail is very good at keeping watch. She doesn’t sleep. She doesn’t take breaks, or need to eat (at least not like the PCs do). Most of all, if the PCs treat Abigail well (brushing her hair, keeping her dress clean and tidy, perhaps even having a tea party with her every now and again), she will wander the area around where the PCs are at night, and let loose with a horrific scream, should someone or something appear to threaten her “friends”.

Now then, how dangerous is Abigail? Well, if you are her friend, not at all. But if you are not her friend, she’s still not very dangerous, being a porcelain doll. But she is very good at showing up unexpectedly (jump scares), causing her enemies to fall down stairs, out of windows, onto deadly objects, into traffic, and so forth.

In short, do not screw with Abigail.

Oh, and one other thing… Once you make Abigail’s acquaintance, whether for good or ill, she’s never going away. Be you her friend or potential victim, she’s never going away. This is the most common way that Abigail loses friends, actually, as the creepy gaze and nightly screaming tends to drive people to burying her in lead caskets, burning her in fires, sinking her in rivers, and all manner of other unfriendly actions.

Then she’s coming back for future visits… and when her former friends die, she will feast on their souls, just as she used to do to their enemies of the past.

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