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Meet Spiryt, your NPC of the Week!

Spiryt is, well, a free spirit. She doesn’t worry about money, whatever she needs just ‘comes to her’, and if it doesn’t, she believes that Nature obviously didn’t want her to have it.

The thing is, Spiryt comes from very old money, so she can always contact Daddy to help her, should Nature not provide for too long. Of course, she would never tell her friends this… “Nature must have come through” for her, obviously.

This NPC is youthful and vibrant, always friendly and helpful, especially when others are catering to her. “Nature provides”, you know? Especially through other people, whom she can charm or otherwise sway to help her out. As long as Spiryt isn’t having to ask Daddy for money all the time, she’s lovely to have around. But if she feels that her “friends” aren’t doing enough to keep her in the lifestyle she expects (comfortable, at the very least), then she can become rather unpleasant to have around.

Now, what can Spiryt do for the Player Characters? Not much, really. If the PCs discover that she’s from a wealthy family, she’d make an excellent hostage, as Daddy would be more than willing to secure her safe release. Of course, that would put an end to her flighty lifestyle, as Daddy wouldn’t want her to risk herself again, and demand that she stay at home and find a solid, safe, and wealthy husband… something Spiryt knows all too well, and so she will do anything to avoid that fate.

Of course, if the PC’s aren’t of a mind towards Kidnapping NPCs, Spiryt can be rather sweet (as long as they keep her happy), and is well-known to local officials, who won’t want to run afoul of her father. Basically, she’s a “Get out of Jail” card. One that is pretty and vapid, but still, quite helpful in that regard.

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