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Meet Quinton, your NPC of the Week!

Quinton is a “Transportation Specialist”, which is to say, they commute others around for money. Whether they are driving a cab or a ride-share, Quinton gets people where they need to go, quickly, efficiently, and with a positive attitude.

They are also heavily armed, in case their customers aren’t as friendly as they are.

Quinton is very good at reading people, and will start out a ride being rather chatty, but after a few minutes will either turn on some music, let the customer(s) alone, or just keep up the friendly banter, all depending upon how they feel the customer(s) are feeling at the time. As a “Transportation Specialist”, Quinton feels that only 30% of their job is driving, and the rest of their efforts should be dedicated to entertaining or commiserating with their customers.

… That is, unless those customers choose violence, in which case 100% of their job is to KICK SOME ASS! Quinton watches way too many action films, and their worldview is heavily colored by the works of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Michelle Yeoh (the Wuxia films in her library, not the more dramatic stuff).

When it comes to politics or religion, Quinton will be as non-committal as possible, and try to change the subject as quickly as is possible, without seeming rude. Even if the customers seem to be very Liberal (as Quinton is), they will keep their opinions to themselves, as this was ingrained in them by their parents and grandparents while growing up. Quinton prides themselves on having proper Southern manners, and tries not to offend anyone.

Of course, when off duty, Quinton lives their life as they see fit. They fly their Freak Flag high and proud, and are very outspoken on their beliefs and politics.

As for adventures, Quinton is not a particularly useful NPC. They are a positive and friendly person, but they don’t hold secret knowledge or have information that might lead to some important quest the group is on. But if the team needs to be taken to a particular location via the quickest route, or perhaps a more circuitous, stealthy route, Quinton is the driver you want. Also, they have guns, and will provide cover fire for a 5-star rating and a hefty tip.

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