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Five Things I Love About… The Last Three Years

The last three years, 2020 through 2022, have been trying for all of us. Pandemic, war, global financial instability, and Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have all done their part to tear down our collective Human Psyche. It’s been rough for all of us, is what I’m saying. But it hasn’t all been bad, at least not for me, so I give you…

Five Things I Love About The Last Three Years

  1. More time with My Lovely Bride™: The pandemic era left many people feeling isolated from the rest of Humanity, especially during the initial lockdowns, but I had it easy. Being an “Essential Worker”, I’ve had to go out in public throughout the pandemic, but got to come home to my sweet wife every day. Being that we only otherwise left the house to go shopping, this has left us spending much more time together, and this has been great for us!
  2. Better shopping options: Some of us hate shopping in person. In fact, many of us hate leaving our homes, but especially to do something as mundane as shopping. But suddenly, a little pandemic sweeps in, and now we have all these great additional options for shopping! Home delivery, or Curb pick-up services, even more options over existing services like DoorDash and UberEats. Being an Introvert has never been this easy!
  3. Speaking of Easy…: I. Love. Amazon. That’s it, ’nuff said.
  4. My RPG collection has exploded: Before 2020, I had four shelves worth of tabletop roleplaying books and expansions. I now have 12 shelves worth of TTRPGs, with more on the way. A small library of games, built over 40+ years in the hobby… but easily 2/3rds of them obtained in the last three years.
  5. No excuses needed to be an Introvert: Expected to be social, but you’d rather stay at home and read a book? Well, nothing like a little global health emergency to solve that problem! Well, it’s been great for Introverts, not so much for “people persons”, who like to be social all the time. But hey, things are getting better, so your time in the Sun (literally) is coming once more, Extroverts!

Anyway, here’s to the Pandemic Era! May it never be forgotten, and while it wasn’t completely horrible for me, may its like never be seen again!

I'm the editor, publisher, and primary "talent" here at Scormey.com.

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