Expanding our horizons, again?

So since a few months into the pandemic, my tabletop roleplaying has been of the Solo variety, for a variety of reasons. I made the best of it, though, by turning those efforts into a weekly actual-play podcast (Ronin Roleplaying, maybe you’ve heard of it?). But as I am quickly approaching the end of Season 2 of that show (recording-wise, anyway), I have been looking into other ways to enjoy the hobby, that isn’t just babbling to myself for hours on end.

Problem. Solved.

Looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys!… and by that I mean, gaming with my favorite roleplayer! My Lovely Bride™ and I discussed it, and she’s willing to try doing cooperative roleplaying with me. We will be using my plethora of Oracles to take care of the Gamemaster emulation, so both of us get to play the game. She even seemed a bit excited for this idea, which is great!

That said, there was one condition she placed upon me: No podcast.

Which is to say, we can try duo roleplaying, but she just wants to play the game… she doesn’t want to record it, as we used to do for the “Knights of the Tabletop” podcast (the precursor to RR). To be honest, I’m fine with that, because…

  1. It will be fun to just play a game, not to have the pressure to create, edit, and publish the thing.
  2. Does the world really need another actual-play podcast? I think not.
  3. No podcast means no schedule to maintain, we can just play when we want to, as we want to.

All in all, I think this should be a lot of fun, even if it doesn’t last long. My Lovely Bride™ is really fun as a roleplayer (especially when she feels comfortable, which was not the case when we did KOTT). The only question now is, what do we play? We have already ruled out “Dungeons & Dragons” and “Pathfinder”, because thanks but No. I’m including “Dungeon World”, “Old School Essentials”, and “Full Metal Plate Mail” in this ‘No D&D’ rule, because they are based on early D&D, or are heavily influenced by that game.

We will look over our many, many options soon enough (it’s Faire season, so this will likely wait until late Summer), and choose a game to play together. I suspect we’ll go with either one of our old favorites (something from the ‘World of Darkness’ line, or perhaps “Shadowrun”), but a newer game could perhaps make the cut. I’d like us to try a few different “Powered by the Apocalypse” games, personally, but we’ll see how that does.

The point here is, I get to have some in-person roleplaying again, in the comfort of my own home!

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