Format and scheduling changes to come!

It’s New Years Eve, so I won’t bother you too long with updates here. Congrats on surviving another year, hopefully the next one is better than the last two were, and here’s to hope that COVID finally goes into the wastebin of history, where it belongs!

Now then, updates!

First of all, there is a bit of a scheduling change to discuss, starting next week. Beginning in January 2022, our weekly schedule on this website changes thusly:

  • Mondays – “Loot Mechanics” podcast
  • Wednesdays – A blog post
  • Fridays – “Ronin Roleplaying” podcast.

I made this scheduling changes for a couple of reasons. First of all, to make “Loot Mechanics” more topical, since we’ll only have a one day lag from recording to publishing the show (except for those times we record multiple shows at once, but that’s neither here nor there). LM is the only podcast that needs to be out early in the week, so it gets the Monday slot from now on.

As for the blog post, it rarely is on any sort of time-sensitive nature, but publishing it on Wednesdays rather than Fridays (or Sundays, for that matter) does give it more of an opportunity to stand out and actually be topical, when it needs to be.

Lastly, ol’ “Ronin Roleplaying”, my solo actual-play TTRPG podcast is just entertaining fluff, nothing more. This fits perfectly in our Fridays publishing slot, making it a great listen on the evening commute home, or over the weekend. At least that’s how I see it, anyway.

Speaking of “Ronin Roleplaying”, I’ve made some big changes with this show, starting in January 2022. First of all, we’ve scrapped the current format of changing games every two months. The plan had been to go with changing games every three months, starting next week, but after recording the entire years’ worth of shows in that format, I scrapped that too! Now the format is as follows:

  • Monthly game changes! Yes, a new game played every month!
  • Longer shows! Every episode is now an hour long, as opposed to being roughly half-hour shows previously! Basically all the content of the current format, in a single month worth of shows!
  • Different updates! You’ll understand once you hear the first episode next week, but the “let’s get people caught up on what’s been going on so far”-segment is changing, allowing more of an emphasis on gameplay. Make sure to listen to every show, though, if you want to stay up on what’s going on!
  • I’m especially proud of the new Intro/Outro segments! NO MORE DIGITIZED VOICES! It’s all 100% Me!

Anyway, I an really excited about the new schedule, and especially the new format of “Ronin Roleplaying”. It has been a lot of work on my part, but worth it all, in the end… at least I hope all my effort has been worth it!

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