Early Yule Gifts!

So I got a few new books in the mail over the last week, and I’m very pleased with this! Both of these were backed via Crowdfunding (sort of, anyway), and have been much anticipated titles in this household!

First of all, I finally got a nifty collection of zines in the mail, all the way from Sweden! Specifically, this would be “Mörk Borg Cult: Heretic”, a zine collection of free, fan-made content for “Mörk Borg”, with some new content added in. Yes, I did say free, fan-made content, but this is what the Cult series is for: To provide this web content in a zine, for easier use at the table. You can download the content for free, or back the zine on Kickstarter.

I did both, because I love me some “Mörk Borg” just that much!

Anyway, I backed this project at a pretty high level, so I got the previous Cult zine, “Feretory” added in, as well as the “Ikhon” add-on. This is a little box that includes four different Gods to draw at random, should you need something for your Crazed Cultists of the Week to worship. It seemed like a cool idea, and I wanted to back the developers through this project, so they got my money!

Too bad the mini-zines in “Ikhon” were put together wrong. It’s fixable, I just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet, although I suppose I will eventually. The devs will be shipping out properly-stapled “Ikhon” booklets, for those who’d rather not take them apart and re-staple them themselves, so you can wait, if you prefer. I’m just impatient.

Anyway, this is a nice little package, even with the “Ikhon” snafu. If you haven’t backed these zines, you can get them via Drive-Thru RPG. Yeah, it’s the digital version, but that’s better than nothing, right?

Next, I would like to say… finally… that I now have my hands on “Voidheart Symphony”! If you’ve been listening to our podcast “Loot Mechanics” at all, you will know I have been waiting a very long time for this book to come out. A. Very. Long. Time.

But I have it now, and to be honest, I am absolutely shocked. It was only a couple of days prior to when I received the book that it was announced the books were going to ship, because to wait for the remaining bits (cards and other assorted bits) would add another 6-8 weeks onto an already excessively long delay in delivery. I have only had one other book delivered this fast in the last year, and that was “Dune”. Then again, I paid over $30 in shipping to get “Dune” sent to me via air freight… I can’t say the same for “Voidheart Symphony”. So, there’s that.

Now, what is this book about, anyway? Well, it is a dystopian, revolutionary game set in a modern world where The Void is influencing and empowering despots, which the PCs has to fight against. So a sort of PsychicPunk, I guess? Of course, this is a ‘Powered by the Apocalypse’ title, with amazing art, excellent rules, and I frankly can’t wait to play it! But… that’s precisely what I’m going to have to do, as my dance-card for “Ronin Roleplaying” is completely booked solid for Season 2! Also, since I only have space for one “Cyberpunk”-like game every season, and only one PbtA game (which includes “Forged in the Dark” and “Belonging Outside Belonging” titles) of each genre in a given season, that leaves VH waiting until at least… Season 4?

Yeah, Season 4… which is what happens when you take so long to deliver your book! But that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway, I have some nifty zines to enjoy when I get to playing “Mörk Borg” later this year, and I get to anticipate playing some “Voidheart Symphony”… well… eventually. But I;m really looking forward to that, too!

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