End it all, before The End

“We should have burned this city centuries ago”

So this is a Thing. You need it. Then you should tear it to shreds. Unless it tears you apart first.

“CY_BORG” is an artpunk tabletop roleplaying game about a dying world, and the people struggling to survive there. If that sounds familiar, it should, because that’s also the premise for the award-winning TTRPG, “MÖRK BORG”. The difference here is that MB is vaguely fantasy-based-ish, and CB is set in a dystopian, cyberpunk hellscape.

Both games are completely compatible with each other. Neither game needs the other.

Now then, just so we’re clear, I have – of course – already backed “CY_BORG” on Kickstarter, because I’m a huge fan of “MÖRK BORG”, and not a complete idiot. The look is in the same vein as MB, because the artist from MB (Johan Nohr) is back to do CB. Same company is developing this game as MB (STOCKHOLM KARTELL), same publisher (Free League). The main difference between the two games, other than their settings, is that MB took just over seven minutes to reach its Kickstarter goal, and CY_BORG took just over two minutes.

Two. Minutes.

A lot of people, myself included, have been waiting for this book. Not-so-patiently, I might add.

Regardless, this is a fantastic project, from a proven, award-winning team, and you need this in your hands. Of course, for many of you I am simply preaching to the Cult, and you have already thrown ALL OF THE MONEY at them, but I am sure there are just a few of you that have not.

You will be found. You will convert. You will give ALL THE MONEY for this project.

Unless you enjoy being target fodder, then recycled into food paste for the Masses, that is.

Seriously, though. If you are a fan of TTRPGs, this book looks like something you will absolutely want. If you are a fan of “Old School Revival” (OSR) TTRPGs, you will find this to be a must-have game. If you are not a fan of TTRPGs, then why have you spent all of this time reading this drivel, anyway?

You have until December 1st to get on board this train.

Back. This. Project.

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