Dry your eyes, little Buckaroo!

Okay, I get it. You’re upset that “Cyberpunk 2077” got delayed… again. Moreover, you’re upset that you should be playing the game right this very minute, had CD Projekt Red not pulled the rug out from under you… again.

I get it. I really do.

Now grow up.

Look, you can whinge until the cows come home, all you like, regarding the Injustice of it all. That isn’t going to change one damn thing, though. The game is still delayed… again… just like CDPR has done in the past, and will do again with other games in the future. Hell, they might just delay “Cyberpunk 2077” again, at this rate.

This is what CDPR does. You should have known this from the start. They have made no secret that they will delay a game as much as is necessary, to produce a solid game at launch. We all know what CDPR does, or at least you should know this by now.

Now then, I’m not trying to excuse CDPR’s choices. Delays are a failure of Management, no question about it. They set a release date that they could not live up to, then did it again, and again, and again. Sure, the Pandemic made a delay necessary at least once, but that excuse only works so far. At some point, CDPR Management is responsible for setting expectations that simply were not viable.

But this isn’t about them. This is about you, and your incessant whinging.

CD Projekt Red is known for three things:

  1. Producing excellent video games
  2. Inflicting copious amounts of Crunch on their Devs.
  3. Failing to meet release dates on most of their games.

None of these things are secrets. CDPR makes great games, that’s why we all love them. This is also why we overlook how they treat their development team, as well as why we generally forgive the multiple times they delay releasing those games. Oh, you might be mad about it, but once you actually play their games, those delays are quickly forgiven.

Our history as Gamers has made this abundantly clear.

But “Cyberpunk 2077” is different, somehow. You really want to play it, and after the year we’ve all had, you deserve to play it, right? Sure, I get that. Nobody wants to forget about 2020 more than I do, and playing a new, cutting edge RPG from CDPR would certainly be balm for the soul, right about now.

Nevertheless, chill out, little Soldier! Wipe the tears from your eyes, put on your big-boy pants, and take my advice: “Never listen to CD Projekt Red”.


Sure, it’s fine to look forward to their games. Preorder a copy, if you really want to. Just assume that it will launch when the game arrives in the mail (or the code to download it arrives in your email), not before. If CDPR says Game X is launching on a given date, assume that it won’t. Because more often than not, it won’t.

Your preorder won’t be going anywhere. The game will still show up eventually, when they finally get their act together to release it. But sitting around being upset that CDPR missed yet another release date does nothing but make yourself miserable. It certainly doesn’t affect CDPR in the slightest.

“But what if I cancel my purchase/preorder? That’ll hurt them!”

Really? You are one customer, out of millions. Even those customers who are really, really upset about a delay either won’t cancel their purchase, or will buy the game again the minute it actually comes out. In short, that won’t hurt CDPR in the slightest. Even if most customers cancelled their preorders due to a release delay, it still wouldn’t hurt CDPR, because – like I said – they would still buy the game upon its eventual release.

All your cancelled preorder does is cause a bit of paperwork for the vendor you were buying through. And whinging about it just makes you look like a child having a tantrum.

So, like I said before… Wipe your eyes, put on your big-boy pants, and grow up. The game will be out, when it is out.

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