Single-Player vs MMO

So I have a question for the peanut gallery that is the Red Panda Army: Is it worth continuing to focus on streaming MMORPGs, when I could be streaming mostly single-player games instead? Of course, health issues aside, as stated last week…

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy playing MMOs. Always have, always will. That said, I have much more variety available when I stream mostly single-player games, which makes things much more fun for me. I know that not everyone is really into the Variety Streaming thing, preferring to see me play one or two of their favorite games instead, but let’s be honest:

That gets really, really dull.

There are other reasons to move towards single-player games, as opposed to MMOs. For one, some of the MMOs I play haven’t exactly been too supportive of my efforts for the last couple of years. One in particular, but it isn’t the only one, so I won’t single them out here. Those of you who watch my stream know who I’m talking about, though.

Furthermore, playing single-player games makes me feel less beholden to specific games or their developers. I’d just be streaming what I felt like streaming, and that would be that. This has always been my intention, but it gets hard to stick to that, when you feel like your viewers only show up when you play Game X or Game Y, and rarely ever for anything else. I just have to stop focusing so much on how many people are watching the stream.

Their are downsides to making this switch, though. First of all, I’ve tried this before, or something like it, and generally wrecked my channel numbers. Again, I need to stop focusing so hard on stats, but I’m a bit compulsive about such things. Secondly, a lot of single-player games are popular on Twitch for a very limited amount of time, then are virtually forgotten. That said, the same can be said for at least half of the MMORPGs I play… “Rift” and “Anarchy Online”, I’m looking at you. Of course we also can’t forget that many of my viewers just don’t enjoy watching single-player games. They come for the social interaction that is in an MMO, not necessarily for just the gameplay.

So I have a decision to make, and I’d like your feedback on this. Feel free to vote in the poll below, to let me know what you think. Thanks!

Single-Player or MMORPGs

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