And so cometh the Yuletide!

You may already know by now that I kinda, sorta, love me some Halloween. It’s clearly my favorite holiday of the year. But you may not know that I’m also a huge fan of Yule, which is to say – for those of you not of Pagan leanings – Christmas.

I love decorating the tree.

I love looking at all the decorated houses.

I love the whole feeling of merriment, giving, and basic Human goodness.

I even enjoy listening to Christmas carols, at least once Thanksgiving has come (before today, though… Not a chance!).

My point is this: Thanksgiving has come, so let loose the floodgates! I cannot wait for snow, and driving around our town looking at lights, and watching Ten open her gifts from the pups and I (yes, I do buy her gifts, and label them as being from our two dogs). The Yuletide is an amazing time of year, and after everything that has happened this year, I am looking forward to a great end to 2019!

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving, Black Friday can go jump in a river for all I care, and let loose the dogs of Yule!

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