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So I have this thing about wanting to ‘refresh’ my projects, every year or so. Usually that means new graphics, intros and outros for the podcasts, and maybe a new banner or template for the website, all at the start of the new year. If I feel really adventurous, I might even change up the overlay for the Twitch channel, too (although I switch that up a lot more than annually).

This year, though, I’m taking things a bit… further.

First of all, I am employing the services of Alyssaerin on Fiverr again, who has done so much great work for me in the past. She created the Hairless Bear with Weasel Loincloth I used on, as well as the Red Panda artwork currently being used here and on my Twitch channel. Tenknife suggested I needed a better Tier 3 Emote on Twitch, so I ordered up a “Silly” emote, which should be awesome!

But I’m really excited by the second piece of art I ordered from her, which will be really awesome! What I asked for is a view of a table, covered in roleplaying books and dice, with seven figures seated there. My Red Panda mascot is at the head of the table (as the game-master), with three figures on either side, to the left and right, respectively. I have picked animals to match with our current troupe of players on the “Knights of the Tabletop” podcast, being a white Fox (Ten), a brown wolf (Zultan), a grey Tabby Cat (Scarlet Rose), a grey Wolf (Beoulus), a black Cat (Domina), and a brown Bear (Beorn).

Hopefully, everyone is fine with these choices. If not, they can pay for the revisions 🙂

Anyway, yes, I also am paying for the second piece for commercial use. To put it succinctly: That means T-Shirts, baby! Yes, I already made new artwork for KOTT myself, but guess what? I don’t have to use it, when I’ll have this awesome piece, instead.

I’m considering asking for a third piece of art, which would feature my Red Panda and Beoulus’ Grey Wolf, sitting together with a microphone in front of each of us. It all depends upon how much the previous stuff costs, and if Beoulus is fine with the character I chose for his likeness (he will be). This would of course be new art for the “Pixels & Dice” podcast… and likely a T-Shirt, because of course it would be.

NOTE: Yes, I am entirely aware that no one buys our merch, except for me. That said, Ten and I have been sporting our Scormey t-shirts for some time now. When we wear them together, we are “Team Scormey”, with the mission of spreading the Good Word about this website to all who care to listen! I also wear my “Scormey Fails At Everything” black zippered hoodie, every single day!

So, yes. If I were to make KOTT t-shirts, you better well believe I would get them into the hands of our cast, at the very least! Team KOTT could do quite a great job spreading the Good Word about our podcast, the website, and all that… Just by wearing cool shirts!

But I digress.

The long and short of it is this: I’m acquiring new artwork for the site, which you likely won’t be seeing for a couple of months. But when you do see it, I suspect you shall find it truly awesome!

PS: Buy my Merch.

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