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My birthday was just a couple of days ago, so I’d like to request a Birthday Wish of the Renaissance Faire community: Can we get a Renaissance Faire in late October, with a Gothic/Horror themed weekend around Halloween, please?

Now, I get it. It might be difficult to get a RenFaire arranged that time of the year here in the Pacific Northwest, and there might be concerns about limited customer appeal for such an event. That said, I believe this sort of event could work, and would be embraced by the Faire community – not to mention just regular folks – in the area.

What I envision is this: Due to bad weather concerns, make it an indoor event, maybe at a county fairgrounds, where there would be several large buildings ready for setting up in. The Faire itself could be mostly a traditional event, but likely without a jousting competition, which could be replaced with sword-fighting demonstrations. The primary difference would be that Gothic garb would be encouraged, as well as horror costumes.

Also, I would like to see a medieval “Haunted House” be among the attractions at this event, which might draw in regular people, who aren’t into the Faire scene, so to speak. With this, plus the Faire itself, it could serve to draw in new fans to the Northwest Faire community at large.

Of course, this won’t be easy to arrange, and perhaps not even possible, really. But with the Town of Taylor going in just 70 miles or so outside of Portland, OR, which will eventually be providing year-round Renaissance and Fantasy events, I see no reason why this Gothic/Horror Faire could not, especially as a limited-run event near Halloween. It is simply a matter of getting the right people, with the right knowledge and skill in arranging and running a Faire, with the right will to create this event.

I know there might be trepidation to create this event, but all I can say is that I would go, and I know many others would, too. Everyone can go to a standard “Haunted House”, or Corn Maze, or other, standard Halloween/Harvest event. But not everyone can step back into a dark, Gothic fantasy version of the Renaissance, can they? This would be a must-attend event for many of us who are huge fans of Fantasy, Horror, and Faires alike.

Can someone make this happen, please?

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