Sometimes I get these weird ideas…

So, I’m thinking of doing some new content for YouTube, but also not really. I know, I said I’d never do anything with YouTube ever again, but I got this idea for a video project, and alas, it really won’t work with Twitch. Anyway, that just leaves YouTube, so that’s where I’ll be putting up said project.

No, I won’t tell you what the project is, so don’t bother asking. Just know it is just a bit of weird, original content, that I know will suck on ice, but could also be just weird enough to work. Okay, it’s likely to be the former, as all of my previous endeavors there have been… but what if it weren’t?

Can I possibly be any more obtuse? Yup.

Anyhow, I’m planning on bringing some fresh, non-Twitch content to this site next month. It is nothing like anything I have done before, and hopefully, people will enjoy it. One thing I can tell you is that I will have Comments disabled on this project over at YouTube, and instead be directing people to come here to this website, should they wish to comment. This is not to drive traffic to the site, at least not primarily, but is instead because allowing people to comment on YouTube right now can get one’s channel deleted. YouTube has made content creators solely responsible for what Trolls and Pedos say in the comments, which is basically weaponizing the Comments section, and I won’t have that!

So, in short, no Comments on YouTube, at least not on this project. And with that, I’ve not much else to say on the matter, really. Just watch this space.

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