Changing Things, Again…

If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve started making changes here on the website, as well as on my Twitch channel. These may well have a rather lasting effect on both platforms.

First of all, let’s talk about I know most people don’t bother checking out the majority of my content here, because it is just replays of the livestreams from the previous week, and people generally don’t want to sit and watch hours and hours worth of content like that here. But what about 30-90 seconds of said content?

Starting yesterday, I am not going to be posting my full replays here any longer. I’ll still be archiving them on YouTube (because it’s easier than downloading them to my own media computer at home), but instead of posting those videos here, instead I’ll be showing a clip from one of my previous streams. This content will be easier to watch, hopefully more entertaining, and easier for me in the long run.

As for my Twitch channel itself, I am changing up what I’ll be playing this month, and potentially for the long term. While I still intend to continue playing “Lord of the Rings Online” at least once each weekend, I am going to scrap most of the other games I was previously showcasing, in favor of more popular games on the platform. I’ve done some research on the various games I enjoy and have access to, and some are way better options than others, if you want to succeed on Twitch.

For example, the collectible card games “Gwent” and “Hearthstone” are by far the best performing games from my stable of potential options. No lie, they are way better than any of my other games, as options on Twitch anyway, according to my various sources.

That’s why you may be seeing more “Gwent” this month, and probably some “Hearthstone” at least once in November, to see how they perform on my channel, with my community. While my community may be small, these games should help it grow rather quickly… or they won’t, and I can go back to slogging along playing various MMORPGs.

Or, should the card games not suit your fancy, this may well become a LOTRO-centric Twitch channel. While “Guild Wars 2” tends to do a little better than LOTRO on average, I don’t enjoy it as much as LOTRO… and the other MMOs I enjoy do a lot worse than LOTRO overall, so…

Anyway, I’ll be using November as a bit of a guinea pig of sorts, testing different games out and whatnot, to see what works best. If things get better, great. If they don’t, I’m likely no worse for wear. But at the very least, changing from replays to clips here on the website should be better for keeping eyeballs on the site!

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