Well, this might have been a mistake

So, it appears I cut my website’s throat.

Recently I left Twitter, completely shut down my presence there, due to a variety of issues I had with the platform. I moved my social media presence over to Google+ instead, which seemed like a bit of a risk at the time, but worth it in the end, if only from a moral standpoint.

That seems to have been a mistake.

You see, since this move, this website has plummeted in views and visitors. From my previous stats, I wasn’t getting that much traffic from Twitter, but apparently I was, and now this website is effectively a ghost town! This frankly sucks, because I’m not going to go back to Twitter, and apparently without Twitter nobody will visit this site.

It’s a moral quandary, to be sure, but one I’m prepared to just tough out. Luckily, though, I do have some reach via the podcast “Pixels & Dice”, which is listened to by a bit over 1100 people each week (as of the latest stats, anyway). That’s not very much, obviously, but it is better than nothing.

By the way, check out our podcast, “Pixels & Dice”, if you happen across this site. If you like gaming and cursing, you may just find it worth a listen.

Anyway, I knew this would be a risk, but a worthwhile one to take, in my opinion. I am looking for additional means of advertising my site, Twitch channel, and podcast, in order to drive my traffic, but it’s a slow process, to be sure. Twitter is by far the best option for this, unfortunately I won’t use their services again, due to the current political climate and Twitter’s handling of the situation. So, I’m currently stuck.

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