Not to get Political, but…

So, you may have noticed that I am no longer posting to Twitter. There is a really good reason for that, but it is political, so if you aren’t interested in such things, let’s just say I chose not to use their service any longer. But for those of you who want to know more, see below:

I’m a bit of a Liberal, politically. Actually, I’m rather far-Left politically, being a Democratic Socialist, a supporter of Bernie Sanders (but I did vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 General election, as I’m not a asshat), and am a firm supporter of punching Nazis. So, when Twitter decided to allow far-Right demagogues like Alex Jones post with impunity, despite his messages of Hate breaking multiple portions of the Twitter Terms of Service (TOS), I joined with many others in shutting down our Twitter accounts in protest.

It’s as simple as that, really, but in my case, I’m doing even more. Specifically, most of the people involved with this protest plan on restarting their Twitter accounts after 30 days. I do not. Why? Because I have seen where Twitter not only has allowed far-right voices to post their hateful rhetoric without repercussions, but those who challenged them on it were suspended or banned outright.

To put it bluntly, Twitter is either run by far-Right asshats, or is a supporter of them, at the very least. And as such, I won’t have anything to do with them ever again.

So, what am I using for Social Media now? You will probably laugh, but after assessing all of the options, I am posting now to Google+. Seriously, I am! Yes, I know that almost no one uses Google+ anymore, but given the other real options (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat), I just felt better about using Google’s service.

Facebook is run by scumbags who, through their malfeasance, got Trump elected President… and since Instagram is owned by FB, that wasn’t really an option for me, either. And since I’m not 12, Snapchat was ruled out, too. That leaves Google+, whom I don’t feel great about, either, but at least they aren’t connected with the Far-Right in some way, as far as I know.

Anyway, so that’s where posts about this site will be going to in the future, rather than to Twitter. You can choose to follow me there, if your like, or not… It’s your choice.

UPDATE 9-5-2018: I have re-activated my @Scormey account on Twitter. All political arguments aside, moving exclusively to Google+ was a huge mistake for my website, and it has definitely been hurting my Twitch channel, as well. So, with no other good options available (Mastadon is too new and untested, for my tastes), I have to bite the bullet, swallow my pride, and make use of Twitter.

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