The Return of Scormus

Who likes video rants?

Who wants to see their favorite – and not-so-favorite – games eviscerated on a weekly basis?

Who would be willing to Follow a different Twitch channel, just for this purpose?

Well, if that’s something that sounds good to you, I have a second channel that I might just use for that purpose. This channel is actually my original Twitch channel, that I set up several years ago, but I forgot the login information for, until quite recently. So I’m thinking I would like to use this channel for… something… and why not go with something different, like a video podcast?

I expect I’ll do something similar to what I originally used the channel for, which was as my old online persona of “The MMO Troll”. That would have me primarily talking about MMORPGs, but other games as well (if the topic warranted it), with viewer participation via chat. I expect I would give an opening monologue, basically the main Rant session, then open the floor up to questions, should there actually be anyone watching. If not, I would conclude the session. This could lead to livestreams (and eventually replays on YouTube) of about 10-30 minutes in length, longer with viewer participation, which would be just fine with me.

Then again, why use a channel no one follows or likely will follow, when I could just toss this up on my current channel (Scormey)? That channel already has a built-in Follower base, that already knows me, and would be more likely to participate in these shows.

Well, there’s one good reason not to use my main channel: The MMO Troll persona I used to employ is… well… a bit rough, you might say. I don’t really keep it clean for the kiddies, and I might say things that are very, very controversial, to put it nicely. There’s a reason I don’t get invited to betas from any MMORPG company anymore, and that would be things I said or wrote as The MMO Troll.

Let’s just say I’d rather not ruin my main channel by posting that content there. Thus the 2nd channel.

Anyway, what do you guys think about this?

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