Loot Mechanics Podcast

Trolls be Trollin’ – Loot Mechanics #263

Russian Trolls attack CD Projekt Red, and WotC lays groundwork for a possible “Dragonlance” campaign book. Intro (0:49) – Discussing Beoulus’ views on the new “Guild Wars 2” expansion. Plus “Elite: Dangerous” abandons consoles. Video Games (15:00) – Russian Trolls review-bomb “Cyberpunk 2077”, fail miserably. Tabletop Gaming (31:30) – Newest Unearthed Arcana hints at upcoming […]


Out With The Old?

With Standing Stone Games’ MMORPG “Lord of the Rings Online” celebrating their 12th anniversary this month, I thought it might be fun to bring back possibly the most notorious Troll article I ever published on my old website, MMO-Troll.com (which no longer exists, but here it is on the Wayback Machine). I originally published this […]


Copyright Creeps

I’m super unhappy right now. So I just recently got a nice reminder of one of the many reasons I stopped doing YouTube earlier this year, and that would be Copyright Trolls. While I didn’t get hit by this very often, because I rarely include any sort of music in my videos (I only do […]