The race to replace 5e

So “Dungeons & Dragons”, as we currently know it, is in its waning days. In September, the Players Handbook, the first of the three core rulebooks for the 2024 edition of D&D, will be released. Yes, I know “Wizards of the Coast” insists this is just an update to the current 5th edition rules from […]

Loot Mechanics Podcast

Oops – Loot Mechanics #375

Spoilers ahead! Intro (0:34) – The usual wankery Media (11:12) – Critical Role continues to disappoint in Campaign 3 Wrap (28:38) – “Starfield” is looking to get their biggest update so far! “Burn The World Waltz” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License Subscribe to the podcast here! Play […]


The Truth about D&D

I’ll make this short and sweet: “Dungeons & Dragons” is the greatest roleplaying game on the market. They won. It’s over, and the competition never really had a chance. That’s it. As much as I love independent roleplaying games, and want to see them succeed, it should be obvious to everyone now that there really […]