Where’s the Merch?

Scormey here.

I wanted you all to know that I have taken down the previous Merch store from this site, and it will remain down for the foreseeable future. But why?

As a matter of course, I purchase “test” versions of my merchandise, both because I want to show off the fine products I want to offer all of you, but also so I can see exactly what is being delivered from the vendor. For the last few years, I have not had reason to complain about my former vender partner, until recently.

When I added the new “Knights of the Tabletop” product line, I purchased shirts for both My Lovely Brideā„¢ and I, both in black. The back text was printed fine, but the original image was not displayed with the nuance it should have (anything remotely close to black was shifted to black, reducing detail significantly). Since this was on a black shirt, it simply didn’t live up to what I was comfortable selling, so we purchased two more shirts. This time I got one for Ten in navy blue, and I got one on a red shirt.

We received these new shirts today, and frankly, I am livid!

While Ten’s shirt was fine, albeit the same color issues remained with the artwork, my shirt was absolutely horrible. The rear text is to be printed in two colors: White, with a brown border around each letter. On my red shirt, the border printed fine, but the white was mostly unprinted. There were a few specs of white in a few letters, but otherwise it came out as a light brush-over, as though they ran out of white while printing the shirt.

This should have never gotten through any sort of quality control, as the shirt was clearly misprinted. Yet this was not only ignored, it was shipped as a finished, quality product!

Since it came to me, I am still angry, but happy that it wasn’t shipped to any of you fine Red Panda Army members! But I also can’t risk this happening in the future, so I have pulled down the old store, and won’t bring it back until I can find a vendor who can assure me that EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT THEY SELL will be of the highest quality, and that QA missteps like I just found won’t ever happen on their watch.


This page will be replaced by the new store, if and when I can find a quality vendor, and get things started back up. Until then, sorry for the inconvenience.