Failing at LOTRO (Why Didn’t I Think Of That?)

Back with a mega-stream session, featuring both my Minstrel on Arkenstone, and my Warden on Landroval! Five solid hours of gameplay and laughs (YMMV), with only one, hard crash… — Watch live at

… But was this really a crash? LOTRO never actually went down. OBS restarted itself due to the Kernel Panic (yes, it was a full-on Kernel Panic!), which led to the stream stopping long enough to split this up, and FaceRig crashed and had to be restarted, but it could be restarted just fine. Chatty, being Java-based, stayed up just fine. Anyway, I recovered everything, and just continued on for almost another hour with the Warden, who not only survived the fight he was in when the crash occurred, he survived the fight I found him in when I was able to play again! SWEET! — Watch live at

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