Failing at LOTRO (I guess that was asking too much)

So, yes, things have been bad the last week or so worth of replays in LOTRO, but I may – may, mind you – have found what the problem was. And it wasn’t LOTRO, at least not specifically. Apparently all of the other games I play are more GPU-reliant than LOTRO is, and thus werren’t as badly affected when FaceRig decided – very much on its own – to set its FPS limit from 30 (where I had it) to 9999, causing the software to spike and pull 99% of the CPU on occasion. I suspect this caused LOTRO to freak out and crash, taking FaceRig with it, which then cascaded the whole system.

Or it could be something else, I don’t know. We’ll find out later this week, huh? — Watch live at

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